Tempe Town Lake Bridge in Tempe, AZFor people who ended up collaborating in the Faculty Occasions Treasure Hunt, it&#039s above!  The $a thousand certification was uncovered yesterday, near Hunt&#039s Pyramid at Papago Park in Phoenix, by a twenty calendar year outdated Scottsdale Neighborhood Faculty student.  Clues for the Treasure Hunt ended up printed in each and every version of Faculty Occasions, but you could signal up to obtain clues early by text.  Just before the treasure was uncovered, 7 clues ended up produced by text, furthermore a bonus clue was accessible by visiting the Faculty Occasions &#039street crew&#039 at ASU.  I imagine you could also get bonus clues by following College Occasions on Twitter and Facebook, but I didn&#039t do that.  Perhaps I should really have.  My family was looking by Tempe City Lake due to the fact the clues referred to &#039water northwest of ASU&#039.  We weren&#039t even shut!

Tempe Town Lake at night in Tempe, AZThough the prospect of finding the $a thousand loot was trim to none, we had a great time looking.  It&#039s fun the full family can delight in and good workout much too.  It&#039s also a great excuse to get out of the household, go destinations you usually wouldn&#039t go and see areas of the Valley you might not in any other case see.  Though at Tempe City Lake looking for the &#039treasure&#039, my family finished up pedal boating on Tempe City Lake as the sunlight went down.  Right after that, we walked down Mill Avenue and uncovered a great minor Turkish grill the place we ate evening meal.  Our school-aged daughters almost certainly wouldn&#039t usually want to hang out on Mill Avenue with my spouse and I.  But they built an exception in this scenario, and we all appreciated ourselves!

Occasions Media frequently has identical treasure hunts in the Valley.  Curiously, I just uncovered this outdated post on a 2007 Occasions Treasure Hunt the place the treasure certification was uncovered in fundamentally the similar location – underneath a rock at Hunt&#039s Pyramid.  Other than back then, the prize was $3000 instead of $a thousand.

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