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Month: September 2017

How to Select a Wedding Photographer

Selecting a wedding photographer can be a daunting task. Not only does the photographer need to be able to produce outstanding memories of your wedding day but also has to be able to fit into the celebration and be highly professional every step of the way. Often couples make the mistake of basing their decision on wedding photography entirely on price. At the end couples that decide on price get what they pay for. It is wise to keep your budget in mind when selecting a photographer but it should not be an excuse no to do your homework and evaluate the quality and professionalism of the photographer. Remember, you will have to live with the consequences of your decision. How to evaluate a wedding photographer? The style of the wedding photography is very important. Is the photographer a photojournalist with heavy emphasis in documenting the wedding without directing? Do you prefer posed photographs with preplanned posing and controlled lights? Most couples these days prefer a combination of journalistic and traditional wedding photography. They look for a photographer that can capture the true emotion and spirit of the celebration as well as portraits that deserve to be framed. Whatever style you prefer the photographer has to be a master of the craft. Take a close look at the photographer’s portfolio. Is the work consistent? Insist on looking at a...

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mortgage brokers Kelowna

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Chicago Daily News 1934

The Chicago Daily News Joe Penner’s Gag Writer is Minister of the Gospel August 15, 1934 Hollywood in Person by Mollie Merrick Special to The Chicago Dally News HOLLYWOOD, Cal. Hal Raynor—gag man and special song writer for Joe Penner—is one of the best-known of the newcomers to screen comedy writers and composers. So much for Hollywood. In Milwaukee this gag man has another claim to life: as the Rev. Henry Rubel, he is assistant pastor at St. Paul’s Episcopal church. This paradoxical minister—young, indefatigable and possessed of more than a passing sense of humor—had some of the staid...

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