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Month: March 2018

Are Fixer-Uppers as Easy as They Seem on TV?

via Watching home renovation shows on TV can be a great way to kill time. I should know as they’ve become my guilty pleasure in the past few years. But after watching episode after episode of homes being turned from run-down shacks into homes most of us only dream about, I began to wonder if it’s really as easy as these shows make it seem. Before you embark on a fixer-upper journey of your own, here are a few things you need to know. Problems Are Almost a Given for Fixer-Uppers “Fixer-uppers are a mixed bag, and depending on...

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Everything You Should Know About Credit Restoration

With the amount of people suffering hardships, including job loss and higher living expenses, making it challenging to survive, it will come as not surprising that a lot of have bad credit scores. Fortunately, these pointers will allow you to build your credit history. Getting home finance could be very tough when your credit rating is not really good. You should think of receiving a FHA loan they can be backed with the government. FHA loans are good for people which do not get the financial power to make down payments. If you would like fix your credit, you...

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Yul Kwon & Sophie Tan Engagement – INTA Gems & Diamonds (2)

Sophie Tan with friends after Yul Kwon proposed to her. *** *** **** *** Yul Kwon won $1 million by outlasting, outwitting, and outplaying fellow castaways on Survivor: Cook Islands. Then he nabbed the title of one PEOPLE Magazine’s Sexiest Men Alive in 2006. Now the 33-year-old Stanford and Yale Law School graduate is celebrating another milestone— successfully proposing to girlfriend, Sophie Tan on stage at a concert. Kwon proposed to Tan, 29, a product manager at a mortgage bank, April 12th at a benefit concert at his alma mater in Palo Alto, California. To make the moment romantic...

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Tips To Help You Get The Perfect Home

When thinking of real estate property investing, many individuals just get yourself a headache. Real estate property is tough to predict and also the market is currently not healthy. It is actually natural to get concerned as well as proceed carefully. Discover more about real estate property to ensure that it won’t be so frightening. The guidelines in the following paragraphs offer a good place to start. Make certain any home you are looking at purchasing is large enough to your growing family, whether you have children, or want to ask them to while located in the residence. Be...

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Jay-Z, Beyonce’s OTRII Tour Takes Top Billing on Monday’s Onsales

We hope fans of Beyonce and Jay-Z had a restful weekend, because they are in for a wild Monday morning as tickets for the couple’s OTRII Tour finally hit the market after various presale opportunities last week. Major stadiums including the Rose Bowl, Gillette Stadium, and Soldier Field are featured on the tour’s summer itinerary. Joining the Carters’ mega tour is Jimmy Buffett’s upcoming Las Vegas gig with Huey Lewis & The News, Arcade Fire’s Everything Now Continued tour, and the Berkeley Bluegrass Festival. Andrea Bocelli appears on the presale list for two shows later this year in Boston...

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